About Me

In the professional age of the slash generation, there is one person who stands out from the crowd. That man is Ken Sangha. He is also an entrepreneur, investor, and operations specialist.

Ken is also laser-focused in a way that inevitably produces results. One awe-inspiring example of this is how Sangha took a gaming operation app and turned it into the number one app on the iTunes store in the United Kingdom. Scaled customer revenue growth by 10x. This astounding growth exemplifies Sangha’s incomparable drive in innovataive trending technologies.

Delivering Innovative Excellence

As an academically gifted leader, Sangha has always had a proven track record for excellence and success in anything he puts his mind to — especially when it comes to his advising of multiple prominent companies over the years. In 2017, Sangha was invited to speak at an event held by both Yahoo and Flurry as a guest technology speaker. That single interview sparked a snowball effect of interviews to follow of people wanting to know more about Sangha’s ideas.

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Advising

In a interview, Sangha shares more about what makes him so unique as an entrepreneur and a leader within the decentralized technologies and web 3.0 space. When asked what makes up the majority of his time and what he wishes he had more time for besides running his company, Sangha replied:

This quote encompasses Sangha’s shared passions: entrepreneurship and advising, with his eye always on the future. One thing is for sure: Ken never stops learning or teaching. Not only is he a master of the fields he works in, but he’s also a life-long learner and an evolving teacher. With an ongoing desire to learn more about the world of decentralized technologies, improve his professional skills and gain more experience as a leader, Sangha is constantly striving to be the best he can be. The success of the companies that he has advised over the years, as well as his own platform’s growth, reflect Sangha’s unwavering commitment to success.

Ken Notable Thought Leadership

Over the years, Ken has gained recognition for his thought leadership within the many companies he has advised. He has benefited from a powerful platform to leverage and promote the message of open sourced technologies. Not only has Sangha’s company known great success. Sangha’s forward-thinking approach to the finance industry and in entrepreneurship traces back to Canada's initiatives around regional innovation centers that seek talent to help foster innovation in these communities to upstart their contribution to the global technology landscape and venture capital investment landscape. Making him a sought-after leader In the space of early stage companies and operations.


Predicting the future

With the recent expansion of Web 3.0 technologies and an internet that continues to move towards Web 3.0 and the development of blockchain technologies. Ken and his team built a pioneering solution that has become very relevant in today and the future Web 3.0 landscape.

“We allow applications and games to accept payments with just a few lines of code through our OPEN API which is already live. OPEN does not require knowledge of any blockchain technology or programming language such as Solidity,

Since then his team has built an array of cutting edge technologies utilizing the latest tools to build technologies that will be used in the future. Not only have they built an entire decentralized technology suite geared towards developers they have predicted the direction of innovation almost 5 years prior.

Pioneering Web 3

Ken sees the future of innovation continue to expand in a new environment of online technologies focused around digital identities and scaling solutions around Decentralized Technologies

And further bridging technologies of which he has developed infrastructure solutions for. This can be seen directly with the rise of Google’s cloud vision pouring resources into Web 3 technologies along with investments from top tier VCs from lightspeed ventures Andreessen Horowitz and Silver Lake.

Innovations in ecommerce and brand building are on his eyes as well as the rise in online commerce continues.


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